New Story on the Website!

Today marks a new era for me. I have self-published my first piece of writing, right here on this website.

It will not make me rich overnight. In fact, it won’t earn me a dime. The story is free. I also plan on releasing it as a free ebook in the near future. I give this in thanks to you, dear reader, for coming to my website. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Enough, perhaps, to buy the whole collection when it comes out. *sinister laugh*

That’s right. This story, “Wholeness,” is projected to be the first of six (or seven, depending on how you count them) stories with the collection The Clans: Tales from the Fourth World. Now, you might be thinking six (or seven) short stories is not a whole lot. And in most cases you’d be right. The kind of short stories most short story writers like to write (and publishers like to publish) are pretty short–generally under 4000 word-long stories are preferred by the magazines I’ve encountered. There are good reasons for doing so, as I’m sure you can figure out on your own. Fortunately for you, dear reader-who-likes-a-good-value, I have disregarded all of those reasons.

As you can see on the page where I’ve posted “Wholeness,” it is fairly large–about 6300 words. And of the three stories already completed, it is the smallest. My most recent story, in fact, is almost 14,000 words. That’s not even a short story anymore. That’s what those in the biz like to call a novelette.

If we do the math, taking 10,000 as our average word count, that means the collection will end up being about 70,000 words, which translates to roughly the length of a mystery novel, or a short fantasy novel.

Not a bad deal for 99 cents, eh?

Of course, you might be concerned that since I was aiming to write short stories that these longer “novelettes” will simply be your typical bloated fantasy fare. I’d like to think that they are not. You might actually say they are complete fantasy stories without the bloat. There is no “cast of thousands” here; I keep the number of characters down to a very manageable level. And since each story is dedicated to a particular clan (which is similar to country, land, kingdom, etc.), there won’t be any need for you to scribble down maps and flowcharts and diagrams just to figure out who went where and did what. One thing I’ve tried to do with my writing is keep things manageable. If you need an encyclopedia to enjoy my stories, then I haven’t done my job. This flies in the face of what most fantasy authors do these days, but I’m writing exactly the kind of stories I want to read. Even the authors that I like still manage to piss me off when they have far too much going on for me to keep track of, and I don’t want to do that.

That said, I hope you enjoy “Wholeness”! If you do, keep an eye out for The Clans when it is released late this summer!

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