Update: What’s going on with Brandon?

The website has been quiet for some time. I wanted to assure you it wasn’t because there was nothing to report; on the contrary, I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and The Clans is shaping up quite nicely. It is still on track for a release by the end of summer.

So how is The Clans coming? Here’s what I’ve written so far:

  • It Beckons
  • The Returner Comes
  • What Is Owed

And this is what still needs to be written:

  • The Star Falls, the Star Rises Again
  • The Introduction and Appendices

Introduction and appendices, you ask? You’re writing fiction. Whatever will you need those for?

A good question, and I have the rudiments of an answer: the intro and appendices will provide a dramatic framework for the stories, a la The Canterbury Tales or Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. Collectively, they will be their own story, and won’t be a strict frame story in the traditional sense, but they will function in a similar way. The scenes in the intro and appendices are set in a school, so I thought it appropriate to title them in a way that reflects that. But don’t worry; they won’t be info dumps. They will follow their own story, even if I do trickle a few tender, tasty morsels of lore along the way (grins).

Now, a collection of six short stories typically doesn’t make for a very long book. That’s true, but I only call the stories “short” for the sake of simplicity. Only one of them, “Wholeness,” falls within the word count of a short story as set forth by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, being under 7000 words. Three of the other stories are all novelettes, and the most recent story, “The Returner Comes,” actually falls into the novella category. The total word count so far is over 60,000, which is about the length of a novel. I want to assure you that you’ll be getting stories that are Epic. Expect raging war, wild romance, explosive magic, and the end of the world, not two-page character studies about people concerned about their belly button lint.

I have been writing for my shared blog, The Fictorian Era. If you haven’t been following it, now is your chance. Here are the links for the two most recent posts I’ve written:

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So, what’s in store for my personal website? More updates in the future, as well as posts about writing that have been kicking around in my noggin. There are some topics that I really want to explore in depth, so look for those in the coming weeks.