Shoreseeker Promo: How’s It Going?

It’s going very well! In fact, I’ve seen a remarkable response from the UK, where it’s #3 in two categories, Dark Fantasy and Low Fantasy, as well as # 17 in Epic Fantasy:

It seems to be picking up steam on the US Kindle store, as well, cracking the top 100 in a couple categories. It’s still free for a couple more days, so if you haven’t picked up your copy, you can here. And as always, share this link with your friends so they can get one, too!


Shoreseeker, Free for the Holidays!

For the first and possibly last time ever, I’m making the Kindle version of Shoreseeker completely free worldwide. The free promotion runs for five days, from December 25th to December 29th.

Many of you reading this have already purchased Shoreseeker in some form. If you didn’t get the Kindle version before, now you can at absolutely no cost to you. Even if you don’t normally read Kindle books, downloading Shoreseeker will give it a much-appreciated boost, and you will always have it from now on.

If you already got the Kindle version, you can always share the free promotion with your friends if you think they might like the book.

As always, I hope you enjoy it if you’re reading it for the first time, and I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

P.S. Here’s the link to the Amazon page: