Free Prequel Story

A while ago, I wrote a story taking place 800 years before Shoreseeker called “Voices of Wind and Stone.” It won an award from the Writers of the Future contest, and I’ve been wanting to put it out, but first I wanted to put an extra coat of polish on it and figure out the best way to get it into your hands.

Cover design by yours truly.

I decided the best way was to make it available for free for subscribers to my new newsletter. Stylistically, it’s a bit different from Shoreseeker in that it’s written in first-person, but I think it still fits well with the novel. It’s one of the best things I’ve written, second only to Shoreseeker, so I hope you’ll check it out. Of course, I think you’ll be interested in my newsletter as well, and I’m planning on putting in content that readers of my stories will find interesting. I also plan on sending more updates through it than I have been through the blog, which has been … lean, to put it delicately (sorry about that).

Here’s the link. Thanks for checking it out, and when you finish it, make sure to leave a rating/review over on its Goodreads page. Much appreciated!