Game: The Birth of Maelstrom

The Birth of Maelstrom is a 2D indie JRPG series developed by Hearthsflame Studios. The first installment is called Ghosthand, and the free demo can be downloaded here.

Follow the adventures of an elite mercenary group as they venture toward the mist-shrouded village of Camberil, which has gone strangely silent following an earthquake. Travelers have gone in, but not come back out. Rumors are whispered of monsters … and more terrifying things.

Ghosthand battle pic

Only Ghosthand, led by the Blade Patterner Jurin, are willing to cross the Kingdom of Gorne to investigate the village. But first, they have to survive the journey there.


Penned by a multi-award-winning author Brandon M. Lindsay, whose short stories share anthologies with bestselling fantasists Brandon Sanderson and David Farland, The Birth of Maelstrom: Ghosthand will appeal to fans of the Suikoden and Trails in the Sky series, as well as players new to the genre.